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Vista Continuing Education is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.  Vista Continuing Education maintains responsibility for this program and its content.         

Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology
Alabama Board Main Page
Alabama Psychology Law
Alabama Psychology Rules/ Regulations

Alaska Board of Psychologist and Psychological Associate Examiners

Alaska Board Main Page
Alaska Psychology Law & Rules and Regulations (.pdf)

Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners
Arizona Board Main Page
Arizona Psychology Law

Arkansas Board of Examiners in Psychology
Arkansas Board Main Page
Arkansas Psychology Law / Rules

California Board of Psychology
California Board Main Page
California Psychology Law and Rules/Regulations

Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners
Main Page

Connecticut Board of Examiners of Psychologists
Connecticut Board Main Page

Delaware Board of Examiners of Psychologists
Delaware Board Main Page
Delaware Psychology Law
Delaware Psychology Rules/Regulations

District of Columbia Board of Psychology
District of Columbia Home Page

Florida Board of Psychology
Florida Board Main Page
Florida Psychology Continuing Education Requirements
Florida Psychology Law and Rules

Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists
Georgia Board Main Page
Georgia Psychology Law
Georgia Psychology Rules/Regulations (.pdf)

Hawaii Board of Psychology

Hawaii Board Home Page
Hawaii Psychology Law/Regulations

Idaho Board of Psychologist Examiners

Idaho Board Main Page
Idaho Psychology Law
Idaho Psychology Rules/Regulations (.pdf)

Illinois Clinical Psychologists Licensing & Disciplinary Committee

Illinois Board Main Page
Illinois Psychology Law
Illinois Psychology Rules/Regulations

Indiana State Board of Psychology

Indiana Board Main Page
Statues and Rules

Iowa Board of Psychology Examiners

Iowa Board Main Page
Iowa Psychology Law and Rules
Iowa Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board

Kansas Board Main Page
Kansas Psychology Law/Rules

Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

Kentucky Board Main Page
Kentucky Psychology Law/Rules

Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists

Louisiana Board Main Page
Louisiana Psychology Law
Louisiana Psychology Rules/Regulations

Maine Board of Examiners of Psychologists

Maine Board Main Page
Maine Psychology Rules/Regulations
Maine Psychology Statutes

Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists

Maryland Board Main Page
Maryland Psychology Law/Rules

Massachusetts Board of Registration of Psychologists

Massachusetts Board Main Page
Massachusetts Psychology Law/Rules
Massachusetts Psychology Statutes amd Regulations
Massachusetts Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

Michigan Board of Psychology

Michigan Board Main Page
Michigan Psychology Law

Minnesota Board of Psychology

Minnesota Board Main Page
Minnesota Psychology Law/Rules
Minnesota Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

Mississippi Board of Psychology

Mississippi Board Main Page
Mississippi Psychology Law
Mississippi Psychology Rules/Regulations
Mississippi Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

Missouri State Committee of Psychologists

Missouri Board Main Page
Missouri Psychology Law/Rules

Montana Board of Psychologists

Montana Board Main Page
Montana Psychology Law
Montana Psychology Rules/Regulations

Nebraska Board of Examiners of Psychologists

Nebraska Board Main Page
Nebraska Psychology Law/Rules
Nebraska Continuing Education Requirements

State of Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners

Nevada Board Main Page
Nevada Psychology Law
Nevada Psychology Rules/Regulations

New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice

New Hampshire Board Main Page
New Hampshire Psychology Law
New Hampshire Psychology Rules/Regulations

New Jersey State Board of Psychological Examiners

New Jersey Board Main Page
New Jersey Psychology Law/Rules (.pdf)

New Mexico Board of Psychologist Examiners

New Mexico Board Main Page
Rules and Regulations
New Mexico Psychology Law

New York State Board for Psychology

New York Board Main Page
New York Psychology Law
New York Psychology Rules/Regulations

North Carolina Psychology Board

North Carolina Board Main Page
North Carolina Psychology Law (.pdf)
North Carolina Psychology Rules/Regulations
North Carolina Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

North Dakota State Board of Psychologists Examiners
Board Main Page

Ohio State Board of Psychology

Ohio Board Main Page
Ohio Psychology Law/Regulations
Ohio Psychology Continuing Education Requirements (.pdf)

Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologists

Oklahoma Board Main Page
Oklahoma Psychology Laws/Rules
Continuing Education Requirements

Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners

Oregon Board Main Page
Oregon Psychology Law/Regulations

Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology

Pennsylvania Board Main Page
Pennsylvania Psychology Regulations
Pennsylvania Psychology Continuing Education Requirements (.pdf)

Rhode Island Board of Psychology

Rhode Island Board Main Page
Rhode Island Psychology Law/Regulations (.pdf)

South Carolina Board of Examiners in Psychology

South Carolina Board Main Page
South Carolina Psychology Law/Regulations

South Dakota Board of Examiners of Psychologists

South Dakota Board Main Page
South Dakota Psychology Law

Tennessee Board of Examiners in Psychology

Tennessee Board Main Page
Tennessee Psychology Law
Tennessee Psychology Rules/Regulations
Tennessee Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists

Texas Board Main Page
Texas Psychology Law/Rules

Utah Psychologist Licensing Board

Utah Board  Main Page
Utah Psychology Law
Utah Psychology Regulations

Vermont Board of Psychological Examiners

Vermont Board Main Page
Vermont Psychology Law

USVI Board of Psychology Examiners

Board Home Page
Rules and Regulations
Continuing Education

Virginia Board of Psychology

Virginia Board Main Page
Virginia Psychology Law/Rules

Washington State Examining Board of Psychology

Washington Board Main Page
Washington Psychology Law/Rules
Washington Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

West Virginia Board of Examiners of Psychologists

West Virginia Board Main Page
Laws, Rules and Regulations

West Virginia Psychology Continuing Education Requirements

Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board

Wisconsin Board Main Page
Wisconsin Psychology Law
Wisconsin Psychology Rules/Regulations

Wyoming State Board of Psychology

Wyoming Board Main Page
Wyoming Psychology Law/Rules


The College of Alberta Psychologists

Alberta Board Main Page

College of Psychologists of British Columbia

British Columbia Board Main Page
British Columbia Psychology Law/Rules

The Psychological Association of Manitoba

Manitoba Board Main Page
Manitoba Psychology Law

College of Psychologists of  New Brunswick

New Brunswick Board Main Page
New Brunswick Psychology Law
New Brunswick Psychology Bylaws

Newfoundland and Labrador Psychology Board

Newfoundland and Labrador Board Main Page
Newfoundland and Labrador Psychology Regulations

Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology

Nova Scotia Board Main Page

The College of Psychologists of Ontario

Ontario Board Main Page
Ontario Psychology Bylaws

Prince Edward Island Psychologists Registration Board

Prince Edward Island Board Main Page
Prince Edward Island Psychology Law/Bylaws

Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec

Quebec Board Main Page English
Quebec Board Main Page French

Saskatchewan College of Psychologists

Saskatchewan Board Main Page
Saskatchewan Psychology Bylaws




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