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1.  You see a new patient who is depressed. What should you do?
A) Read widely
B) Do testing
C) Refer to a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation
D) Collect your fee promptly
2.  It is important to develop good relationships with local psychiatrists
A) because they may refer patients to you.
B) they will see your patients more promptly
C) they are more likely to give and accept feedback
D) All of the above.
3.  Why is it important to know pharmaceuticals are a profitable industry?
A) For stock investment opportunities
B) To understand the push toward new, patented medications
C) To inform the patient about what medications to take.
4.  Why are there more than one antidepressant
A) patients have different symptoms
B) patients have different biochemistries
C) new medications continue to offer hope
D) All of the above.
5.  Why should you understand side effects thoroughly?
A) Psychologists have more contact time with patients than psychiatrists
B) To warn the patient about all possible side effects
C) To warn the patient's family about all possible side effects
D) Both B and C
6.  Medications work the same for all people.
A) True
B) False
7.  The most prescribed medications for depression in the US are
A) tranquillizers
D) common asprin
8.  Luvox is most frequently used for
A) manic depression
C) suicidal ideation
D) mania
9.  Celexa is __________stimulating than other SSRIs.
A) more
B) less
10.  Zoloft is frequently prescribed for depression because
A) it was introduced early and thoroughly tested
B) it was aggressively marketed and lower priced than other SSRIs
C) it has fewer side effects
D) it shows greater effectiveness in clinical trials
11.  Paxil is primarily marketed for
A) patients hospitalized for depression
B) its total lack of difficulty with dependency
C) social anxiety and shyness
D) discontinuous depression
12.  Prozac is
A) the best-selling SSRI in the United States
B) the best medication for all depressed people
C) the newest SSRI
D) not an SSRI at all
13.  Effexor is
A) an SSRI
B) used to treat generalized anxiety and panic disorders
C) unsafe for most people to use.
D) easier than other SSRIs to stop suddenly
14.  Common side effects of SSRIs include
A) increased risk of suicide
B) agitation
C) nausea
D) All of the above.
15.  Tricyclics were abandoned in favor of SSRIs because
A) they are less effective in treating depression
B) they are more expensive
C) they are more lethal in an overdose
D) tricyclics were overadvertized in recent years
16.  A common side effect of tricyclic antidepressants is
A) dry mouth
B) constipation
C) bladder problems
D) All of the above.
17.  Wellbutrin (bupropion) is in the drug class
D) none of the above
18.  When patients taking a MAOI eat cheese, they risk having
A) rapidly rising blood pressure and stroke
B) skin rash
C) sunburn
D) uncontrollable rage
19.  If the first medication does not work, research shows
A) the patient will be unlikely to respond to another medication
B) the patient is more likely to respond to the second medication
C) the patient will always refuse to try new medications
D) the patient will always insist on changing physicians
20.  St. John's wort
A) has been shown to be an effective antidepressant by the FDA
B) can interact dangerously with other medications
21.  The "black box" label FDA requires on all antidepressants says
A) the risk of suicide increases when people start antidepressants
B) no conclusive research has been done yet on the medications
22.  "Serotonin syndrome" can occur with
A) the combination of an SSRI and triptan
C) the combination of an SNRI and other medications
D) all of the above
23.  Clozaril (closapine) which is used for psychosis can cause
A) harmful additional hallucinations
B) the development of an eating disorder
C) loss of white blood cells
D) unusual bleeding
24.  Atypical antipsychotic medications are not recommended for
A) patients who smoke tobacco
B) patients with dementia
C) patients who fail to take medications regularly
D) patients of college-age
25.  Tardive dyskinesia is caused by
A) antidepressants
B) tranquillizers
C) antipsychotics
D) exercise
26.  Patients taking ________have the highest levels of tardive dyskinesia
A) Thorazine
B) Haldol
C) methamphetamines
D) opiates
27.  Usually relapses in the treatment of psychosis is a result of
A) stopping or decreasing medication
B) brain injury caused by stroke
C) conflicts between medications
D) a poor diet
28.  The first treatment for bipolar disorder that continues to be used today is
A) Prozac
B) Lithium
C) Tegretal
D) Lamictal
29.  Patients who take anti-convulsive medications for bipolar disorder
A) are more likely to develop bladder cancer
B) have a serious allergic reaction to the medication
C) have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors
D) have no problems with side effects
30.  Which have been shown to decrease anxiety in some patients?
B) Effexor
D) all of the above

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