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1.  The diagnosis you give your patient must be disclosed only when
A) complying with state or federal law.
B) any covered entity requires it of you.
C) your patient dies.
D) for the public good.
2.  Must you train your staff to maintain confidentiality
A) yes
B) no
3.  If you are not sure HIPAA applies to you, you should?
A) disregard the law
B) contact your professional association
C) assume that it does not apply to you
4.  Which professionals are exempt from HIPAA regulations?
A) Psychologist
B) MFTs and LCSW
C) a health care provider who never transmits electronic data
5.  Using a FAX machine is
A) not considered to be the same as using electronic transmission
B) is the same as using electronic transmission
6.  Business associates may include
A) bookkeepers
B) lawyers
C) accountants
D) all of the above
7.  HIPAA stands for
A) health insurance private practioners association
B) the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
C) health insurance physician and providers association
8.  HIPAA provides standards for protecting the records and privacy of individuals by
A) making the transmission of electronic claims (billing) secure
B) providing rules for the secure storage of patient records
C) streamlining the insurance billing process
D) all of the above
9.  Therapists cannot disclose Psychotherapy Notes they receive from another therapist to any other therapist without authorization from the patient.
A) True
B) False
10.  Privacy officers are responsible for
A) meeting HIPPA requirements by developing the necessary new documents
B) computer storage of patient records
C) training staff to comply with regulations
D) all of the above

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