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Domestic Violence

1.  Sexual abuse within a relationship can includes what
A) coercion
B) rape
C) sexual exploitation
D) all of the above
2.  Emotional Abuse can include what
A) intimidation or exploitation
B) social isolation
C) verbal attacks
D) all of the above
3.  Preventing someone from engaging in spiritual or religious practices is what kind of abuse?
A) emotional abuse
B) spiritual abuse
C) physical abuse
D) sexual abuse
4.  Which theory views domestic violence as a form of social learning?
A) attachment
B) psychodynamic
C) cognitive behavioral
5.  The goal of treatment is to make the victim and perpetrator recognize that Domestic violence is unacceptable behavior.
A) True
B) False
6.  According to the cycle of violence at what phase does the tension build?
A) phase 1
B) phase 2
C) phase 3
7.  Which phase of the cycle of violence is the most violent?
A) phase 1
B) phase 2
C) phase 3
8.  Which of the following are common characteristics of a batterer?
A) intense, dependent relationships with their victims
B) low self-esteem
C) poor impulse control or explosive tempers
D) all of the above
9.  About one in five child murders are committed by
A) a family member
B) a friend
10.  Children of abused moms have more
A) internalizing problems
B) externalizing problems
C) behavior problems
D) all of the above

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