NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Clinical SupervisionSupervision Course for Psychologists, MFTs, Social Workers and Counselors. The emphasis is on ethical dilemmas and personal responsibility.8$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Models of SupervisionModels and Theories of Supervision for Continuing Education credit. This course also covers supervision evaluation and ethical decision making.8$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Law and Ethics for PsychologistsEthics - This Law and Ethics course for Psychologists meets state and national requirements for continuing education credit. 4$32.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Law and EthicsEthics Ceus for psychologists, social workers, lmft, counselors, interns, asw. Meets state and national requirements for continuing education credit.6$29.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Professional Law and EthicsThis course covers Law and Ethics. Meets national and state ethics requirements.18$99.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic Violence
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Spousal Partner AbusePartner Abuse, Detection, Assessment and Intervention, meets licensure and prelicensure requirements. Partner Spousal Abuse. 15$74.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic Violence Spousal AbuseAccredited Domestic Violence continuing education course. Topics include causes, theories of, treatment and intervention.7$42.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Child Abuse
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Child Abuse Assessment and ReportingChild Abuse Continuing Education course. This course is approved for licensure and prelicensure continuing education credit. 7$34.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Child NeglectA review of State reporting laws pertaining to Childhood Neglect and what constitutes neglects.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Child Sexual AbuseChild Sexual abuse course. Diagnosis, treatment, recognition, reporting and referrals.8$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
The Developing Brain and Child Abuse Research into the effects of child abuse and maltreatment on the developing brain. 3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Aging and Long Term CareAging and Long Term Care course. Meets state and national requirements for credit including licensure and prelicensure. 10$49.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Anxiety and Panic DisorderAnxiety and Panic Disorder Online Continuing Education Course. Identify triggers, symptoms and treatment.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Cultural Competence and DiversityThis course covers the factors that influence culture including values and attitudes.The DSM-IV TR Outline for Cultural Formulation will be covered.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Crisis Trauma CounselingCrisis Intervention psychotherapy focused on acute critical situations includes diagnostic and intervention techniques.15$74.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Depression - Recent Trends in ResearchNew research on suicide risk assessment in adolescents, effectiveness of medications, effectiveness of cognitive behavior modification. 4$32.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental DisordersMental Illness including research, twin studies,outcomes,symptoms of psychosis, statistics, diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis. 8$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Human SexualityHuman Sexuality, approved for state and national credit for Psychologists, LMFT, Social Workers, Counselors, Licensure and Prelicensure.10$49.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
ForgivenessForgiveness. Is it useful psychologically? A psychoanalytic perspective on forgiveness.2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
HIPAAThe Essential guide to HIPAA Compliance. Are you HIPAA compliant? Here's your chance to find out. 2$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
HIV/AIDSAIDS continuing education credit. This course covers the history of hiv/aids as well as current treatment trends, diagnosis, aids stigma and psychological effects. 7$34.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
InsomniaDiagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Disorders. Biological and Genetic Causes.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
ObesityObesity continuing education course that looks at current trends in eating and weight loss. Overview of the varies treatment options.3$24.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
PsychopharmacologyPsychopharmacology provides research on medications for depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia and side effects.4$32.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Substance Abuse
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse DependencyThis course does meet the BBS requirement for licensure and pre-licensure. Not accepted by the CA Board of Psychology (Psychologists). Must be taken at university level for CA Board of Psychology approval.15$74.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Family Systems Therapy for Substance UseFamily systems therapy for substance abuse. The masters of family therapy are covered along with examples.5$40.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Courses
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Ethics and Florida LawOnline continuing education for Florida Psychologists. Meets requirements for Professional Ethics. 3$16.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic Violence Domestic Violence course to meet Florida's continuing education requirement. Florida Ceus in Domestic Violence. CeBroker reporting for all courses.2$8.88  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Prevention of Medical ErrorsThis course is approved by the Florida Board of Psychology to meet the mandatory ce requirement. Ce Broker reporting for all courses on this site.2$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test